PhillyColleges was created as a free resource to help employers engage and empower their employee network through education. We offer access to over 20 institutions in Greater Philadelphia with programs ranging from Associate to Doctoral level.

By connecting with PhillyColleges, you will receive a:

  • Single point of contact to help you schedule an onsite education fair or connect you with a select institution
  • Preliminary assessment to determine which member school(s) best match your employee needs
  • Customized promotional flyer to announce your upcoming PhillyColleges Education Fair

Host an Event

By contacting only one member, you can quickly schedule your event and invite two or more of our member institutions. We will provide materials to publicize your fair and there is no charge for our services. Events typically include a group table which displays raffle gifts and “give-away” items.

More than 125 local organizations have worked with our group to hold a successful event. A few of their testimonials are listed at the bottom of the page.

We also can send representatives to staff one or two tables at your preexisting event, such as a benefits fair. In part, those representatives will provide information about their own institutions. They also arrange for employees to receive information from other member schools. Individual schools will contact employees later only after written request.

Occasionally we participate in events which are open to the general community, such as the Delaware Valley HR Summit or a job fair.

If you do not have a school preference to coordinate your fair,
please contact us for more information.


Information – Our website and our representatives provide your employees with an efficient and effective way to gather college information.

Consultation on the successful coordination and promotion of your education or benefits fair.

Access to experts and resources in higher education in the greater Philadelphia region.

Convenience to contact with only one member who will then invite the member schools you’ve chosen to your event. This contact can prepare publicity materials, as well.

Raffle prizes (when requested) for your employees who attend your college fair.

Assurance you will you avoid a scheduling conflict by selecting a date when our members are not committed to another event.


    Employee Empowerment

    "PhillyColleges is our most strategic and innovative partner in the college and university environment. They place tremendous emphasis in higher learning and adult degree completion programs. We are very pleased to have this level of support within our organization to help our employees grow and develop, and to give back to SEPTA."

    -Michael D

    Employee Education

    "We have hosted the 'Employee Education Fair' for many years. This is a very popular event and greatly assists in our career progression efforts."

    -Christie T.
    Abington Memorial Hospital

    Furthering Careers

    "Many of our employees want to further their careers. This was a positive look at how to accomplish their goal. Thank you!"

    -Laura Z.
    SAP AG, Inc.

    Encouraging Growth

    "It shows that we are concerned about the future of our staff and that we encourage growth."

    -Paula H.
    Horizon House

    Educated Workforce

    "An educated workforce is an advantage. The fair coordinator cooperated to seamlessly integrate the fair into our workday. A number of employees made a point to tell me how pleased they were with the fair."

    -Lou V.
    Rohm & Haas, Inc.


    "You made our first fair a success! We hope to do this every year. Thanks!"

    -Robyn L.
    City Year, Inc.

    Positive Experience

    "The education fair was a valuable and positive experience for our employees and the high school students in our career program. It was a great opportunity for attendance by bringing the event on-site."

    -Barbara L.
    St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

    Very Convenient

    "Because there were multiple colleges in attendance it provided an opportunity for employees to find schools close to work and home. It also gave the allowed employees to ask specific questions based on what their needs were. Many employees, like myself, find it time consuming to search the internet, contact colleges, etc… and having a group together that can easily be accessed during lunch, breaks etc… was very convenient."

    -Risa H.
    PECO Energy


    "Each university was properly represented with enough information for our employees to make the best decision for themselves and/or their family and friends. We only had to provide the space; the representatives of the consortium controlled everything else. It was most helpful to all of us in the Human Resources department, not to have to worry about the set-up or break down of the education fair. UPS emphasizes higher education, not only for a more erudite employee, but also to further develop a diverse and learned individual."

    -Michelle B.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

    Why hold an Education Fair?

    Working PhillyColleges aka The Greater Philadelphia Alliance of Colleges and Universities (GPACU) to host a college day has numerous benefits for both employers and employees. We provide a “one-stop resource”.

    a. Information – Our website and our representatives will provide your employees with an efficient and effective way to gather college information.

    b. One contact – You can work with a single member of the Alliance rather than making multiple contacts.

    c. Expertise – Our knowledgeable members can assist you in creating a successful event — we’ve arranged more than 100 corporate fairs.

    d. Assistance – We prepare the publicity materials and contact the representatives that you select to attend the event. Our members can provide raffle prizes too!

    e. Relationships – As a result of your event, your organization will have dedicated liaisons at each member institution.

    f. Development – By encouraging the professional development of your employees, you can enhance your recruitment and retention efforts.

    PhillyColleges has developed an approach that minimizes the work for your staff while helping you quickly connect to the majority of the top schools in the greater Philadelphia region.

    We hope you’ll work with PhillyColleges to assist your employees in developing new skills and expertise to give your firm a competitive advantage.

    Who chooses the schools to become a member or to attend a fair?

    Our alliance is open to regionally accredited institutions within the greater Philadelphia region. Therefore, if a local school is not a member, it is likely that they have chosen not to join. Membership requires both a commitment to hosting events and yearly dues.

    The members who attend an event are selected only by the employer. PhillyColleges members are not permitted to recommend any particular institution to an employer or employee. We attempt to provide the best factual information to assist individuals and employers in their decision-making.